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Cone Health Foundation

Susan Shumaker and Frank Mascia

Welcome to Cone Health Foundation's website.  This website is designed for easy access to information about Cone Health Foundation, how to apply to our grantmaking program, find resources, research, and information about the health of people in Guilford County.  We focus our grantmaking efforts on these priority areas:

These are some of our community's most intractable health problems. None of these issues will be solved easily, none will be solved tomorrow, and none will be solved by Cone Health Foundation alone. We seek meaningful partnerships to improve the health of our community.  Our approach is about more than grantmaking.

Cone Health Foundation believes that everyone deserves equitable access to affordable, high quality health care.  While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is not perfect, we have been enthusiastic supporters because the Act expands access to health care, especially for those who are uninsured and underserved and struggle with pre-existing conditions.

Social, economic and environmental factors all play a role in ensuring the wellness of our community.  Cone Health Foundation believes that every individual is personally responsible for adopting healthy habits.  We support and advocate for policies that lead people to adopt healthier choices and lifestyles.  Please join us in that work.


Frank Mascia, Chair, Board of Directors

Susan Shumaker, President