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About Cone Health Foundation

Learn more about our mission to invest in the development and support of activities, programs and organizations that measurably improve the health of people in the greater Greensboro area and our unique role as a supporting organization to Cone Health.

Audited Financial Statements


View the bylaws that govern the Cone Health Foundation.

Conflicts Of Interest Policy

Excerpt from the Moses Cone ~ Wesley Long Community Health Foundation Bylaws

Adopted October 1, 2007



Section 1. General Policy. Directors, officers, staff members and other members of the Foundation committees, task forces and similar groups (collectively, “Affiliated Individuals”) are expected to act at all times in the best interest of the Foundation, and to avoid scrupulously both the fact and the appearance of a conflict of interest between the Foundation and other organizations or activities with which the Affiliated Individual may be associated or involved.

Section 2. Disclosure.

(a) Annually, or more often as circumstances warrant, each Affiliated Individual shall provide to the Chairman of the Board a written statement regarding Conflict of Interest, the form and content of which to be determined from time to time by the Board.

(b) Whenever any matter arises in the course of Board or committee meetings or otherwise where Foundation affairs are being considered, which represents a conflict or a potential conflict of interest for an Affiliated Individual, that person will immediately declare the conflict or potential conflict, and thereafter act in accordance with this policy with respect to discussion and/or voting relative to said matter.

Section 3. Abstention. Affiliated Individuals shall abstain from voting or the exercise of personal influence on any matter which represents a conflict or a potential conflict of interest for said Individuals. For purposes of determining the presence of a quorum with respect to such matters, said Individuals shall not be counted. Minutes of meetings shall note specifically the abstention of said Individuals due to a conflict or potential conflict of interest, and the participant is limited to general discussion, the provision of information, and/or responses to questions.

Section 4. Gifts and Favors. Affiliated Individuals shall not accept gifts or favors from any firm or individual which does or seeks to do business with, or is a competitor, grant recipient or potential grant recipient of the Foundation, under circumstances which imply reasonably that such action is intended to influence the Affiliated Individual(s) in the performance of his or her duties. The foregoing does not apply to the acceptance of items of nominal value (i.e. $50.00), under circumstances or for reasons clearly unrelated to any particular transactions or activity of the Foundation.

Section 5. Staff Services to Other Organizations. Staff service (a) as a volunteer officer, director, consultant and/or advisor to other charitable, civic, or service organizations, governmental or quasigovernmental units, or other entities, or (b) in such capacities for compensation (other than reimbursement of actual and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses) is permitted; provided however, that such service is reported in advance to the Chairman of the Board, that the performance of such service is not in conflict with the ability of the individual to properly discharge his or her responsibilities to the Foundation, that such service is closely monitored to avoid conflict or potential conflict of interest, and that any conflict or potential conflict of interest arising is promptly resolved in favor of the Foundation. Compensation, such as fees or honoraria, provided to staff for activities undertaken in the name of the Foundation or as part of the staff member’s official duties and responsibilities will be promptly forwarded to the Foundation.

Mission, Vision and Values


To invest in the development and support of activities, programs and organizations that measurably improve the health of people in the greater Greensboro area.


Cone Health Foundation is a primary catalyst providing leadership for overcoming selected health barriers through investment and partnership.


  • Strategic endeavor: to encourage systemic and permanent change that impacts the health of our community.
  • Collaboration: to promote collaboration among organizations/programs to reduce duplication of efforts and increase synergies.
  • Accountability: to be accountable to the grantee community, to the community at large and be a responsible steward of its resources.

Relationship with Cone Health

Cone Health Foundation is a supporting organization to Cone Health. As such, Cone Health appoints eight of fifteen members who serve on the Cone Health Foundation Board of Directors. Several members of Cone Health's executive staff and Board of Trustees serve on the Foundation's board committees. Likewise, several Foundation board members serve on Cone Health's Board of Trustees. Staffs from both organizations routinely make joint funding decisions on community projects.

Cone Health Foundation's advocacy and grantmaking strategy is closely aligned with that of Cone Health. To that end, Cone Health Foundation uses its resources to support strategies that strengthen and improve health care in Greensboro so our community has greater access to quality health.

Cone Health Foundation and Cone Health embrace an important set of beliefs concerning the Foundation's grant making:

  • Projects funded by the Foundation must be consistent with the mission and purpose of both the Foundation and Cone Health; both value the health of the community.
  • Planning of Foundation projects will be coordinated with Cone Health, especially with regard to projects in which Cone Health is a party, or where a request for financial support has been received by both organizations.
  • Advocacy and public policy positions are mutually consistent, supporting both Cone Health and Cone Health Foundation's missions.
  • The Foundation is not intended to relieve Cone Health of the role of charity care provider historically played by Cone Health.


Wesley Long Community Health Foundation was established in 1997 by the Board of Directors of Wesley Long Community Hospital, which set aside $50 million to fund the Foundation. The goal was to promote the general health of the community.

After the 1997 merger of Wesley Long Community Hospital with The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, the assets were doubled with a match from Cone Health and the Foundation became a supporting organization to the health system. Recognizing the heritage of the two hospitals that created it, the Foundation was renamed Moses Cone ~ Wesley Long Community Health Foundation.

Today, Cone Health Foundation's endowment is valued at more than $110 million. During the same time, more than $72 million has been distributed in more than 1,297 grants and contributions.

The past 18 years have been filled with grantmaking to organizations that tirelessly work to improve the health status of our community. Assuming the role of catalyst and convener alongside partner organizations, the Foundation championed efforts to address some of our community's most entrenched health issues: access to health care, adolescent pregnancy prevention, HIV, infant mortality, injury prevention, obesity, substance abuse and mental health.

In 2010, the Moses Cone ~ Wesley Long Community Health Foundation marked a major reorientation with a new strategy and a new name, Cone Health Foundation. The Foundation narrowed its focus to: access to health care, adolescent pregnancy prevention, HIV, substance abuse and mental health.

A further evolution of Cone Health Foundation occurred in October 2015 with the announcement of a new strategy for impact. The greatest change will be the increased intensity of its proactive work. Most programmatic changes are an evolution for the Foundation, rather than a change in direction, and all are intended to maximize and measure the impact of the Foundation’s investments.

Cone Health Foundation will continue to work in its four current funding priority areas: access to health care; adolescent pregnancy prevention; HIV, and substance abuse and mental health. All four areas remain important to improving the health of the community and opportunities for substantial improvement continue to exist in all four areas. Cone Health Foundation board and staff are optimistic about the potential to achieve meaningful gains in all four areas over the next five years.

2018 Cone Health Foundation Annual Report: A Snapshot of Our Advocacy Partners

We are once again pleased to present our annual report to you in two parts. Watch our video that highlights the important advocacy work of some of our grantees.

We have also developed a companion report in which we share important data about our grantmaking, including our grantee partners.

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