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Published on January 02, 2019

Cone Health Foundation Honored For Work To Lower Teen Pregnancy

JustTeenCone Health Health Foundation was honored for their work with the Greensboro JustTEENS clinic to lower teen pregnancy rates in Greensboro. The honor was given by the Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Division at an awards ceremony co-hosted by the American Heart Association in early December.

JustTEENS is a free or low cost clinic supported by Guilford County where young adult males and females can receive care in confidential setting. The clinic provides physicals, immunizations and a variety of other health services for teenagers.

Leaders at the Cone Health Foundation say while the recognition is appreciated, the real heroes are those who work in the clinic.

"Greensboro continues to see teen pregnancy rates fall. The JustTEENS clinic plays a huge role in that. They get it. All young people need access to affordable and age-appropriate sexual health care," said Sandra Boren, Vice President and Senior Program Office at Cone Health Foundation. "The clinic makes health care work for teens by providing accessible health care, a critical component for helping young people stay healthy. We are glad to partner with them and our other Greensboro-based clinics".

The Foundation for a Healthy High Point was also honored for their work with the High Point JustTEENS clinic

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