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Published on September 08, 2022

Introducing Our New Mission, Vision and Values

Cone Health Foundation has a long history of funding services that support the health of historically marginalized communities – from expanding access to health care to reducing teen pregnancy. We’ve been on the ground with our partners meeting needs that have long existed in our community.

Foundation Mission and Vision

We are excited to share that we have recently completed the development of a new mission and vision, along with evolved values we will embody to embrace our new strategic direction. This work has been guided by our ongoing racial equity work because we know that achieving racial equity is a requirement for achieving health equity — something many of our partners and grantees are already working toward.

We are clear that health care is a human right, and we strive to live in a community where racism has been eradicated and racial equity has been achieved. With our partners, we are working to see to it that systems, policies, and prevailing norms are supporting health equity, and that—as a result—historically marginalized communities are flourishing.

To that end, we are excited to share our new mission, vision, and values, with gratitude to our board, staff and community partners who have offered key insights that we will build on in our strategic planning. During the process, we’ll be reaching out at various points to hear your perspectives, understand your experiences, and listen to your ideas.

Vision (the change we hope to see in Greensboro)

In Greensboro, health inequities no longer exist.

Mission (our work to realize the vision)

Cone Health Foundation eliminates health inequities by advocating for and investing in community-driven solutions.

Cone Health COVID Clinic

Values (who we are & how we work)

Courage: We will not be deterred. We will work for a world where everyone is treated equitably and their humanity is respected regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, country of origin, disability status, or age. We lead with racial equity because in our society, race is our most persistent barrier to equity.

Humility: We work together and listen and learn from each other. We commit to listen first, and have our work informed and guided by those with lived experiences of inequities.

Accountability: We have an obligation to undo deep and pervasive inequalities in the health care system. We acknowledge white privilege and our community’s history of systemic, institutional, and structural racism. We will work to identify, address, and eradicate racism that exists in health care and other institutions that are essential to achieving our philanthropic mission, and hold ourselves accountable to the communities experiencing these inequities.

Compassion: We believe that caring for each other with compassion is essential to health equity and well-being for everyone. We strive to become an interconnected, compassionate community and acknowledge our moral obligation to care for people excluded from opportunity by race and poverty. We dedicate ourselves to building a healthy, inclusive community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

How We Will Operationalize Our Commitment Moving Forward

In addition to our new mission, vision, and values, as we enter our 25th year, we are updating our strategic plan and invite broad engagement from across our community. We’re doing this because we know that to be an effective partner in achieving health equity, we cannot define what it means for historically marginalized communities to flourish. We must listen, first.

CHF Dental Clinic

We also know Cone Health Foundation will not eliminate health inequities alone. It will take all of us—community members, grassroots organizations, partners across sectors, policymakers, elected officials, educators, and more—owning our roles and taking responsibility in this work.

At this stage, there are a few things we know for certain:

  • Cone Health Foundation will continue to be a funder to support the health and well-being of our most vulnerable community members.
  • We will focus on additional advocacy and policy work.
  • We will go to the root causes of health inequity, the places where needs have historically been the greatest—within communities that have been harmed by racism, classism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of injustice.

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