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Published on May 14, 2020

Letter From Susan F. Shumaker, President, Cone Health Foundation

Susan Shumaker, President

Susan F. Shumaker


Dear Friends:

As we prepared our 2019 Cone Health Foundation Impact Report, we could not have imagined we would be sharing it with you during a global pandemic. Indeed, life has thrown us a major curveball. We are faced with unprecedented challenges, which underscore the importance of supporting our community’s most vulnerable people, especially in times of greatest need.

Through our Impact Report, we recognize the accomplishments of our hardworking community partners over the last 4 years to improve the health of Greensboro by:

  • Ensuring 6,157 uninsured adults had access to integrated care
  • Helping more than 4,300 adults with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders receive proper diagnoses and treatments
  • Reducing Greensboro’s teen pregnancy more than 17%
  • Increasing the viral suppression rates for people living with HIV to new highs of 88.8% and 91%

These kinds of life-altering results do not happen without relentless focus on evidence-based practices that improve health. Our report recognizes the efforts that led to these health improvements and we look forward to continued progress on our shared goals.

We recognize COVID-19 will affect all of us. But it won’t do so equally. We are already seeing the tragic consequences of racial and socioeconomic inequities. Unfortunately, these devastating outcomes unfolding across our country reflect these disparities and an array of social drivers of health, including limited access to health care.

An essential source of regular care for many, our grantee partners have become even more integral to providing a strong health care safety net, which benefits us all as we seek to restore health to our community.

As we look to the future, until policymakers provide affordable and accessible health care coverage for more people, Cone Health Foundation will continue to bridge the gaps and fulfill our purpose, to measurably improve the health of vulnerable people in our community through grants, partnerships and advocacy.

We hope you will take time to review our Impact Report with an appreciation for how far we’ve come and the challenges that lie ahead.

Expanding Medicaid in NC

Medicaid Expansion Report

Cone Health Foundation is proud to partner with Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust on an update of their first-of-its-kind study: The Economic and Employment Benefits of Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina: June 2019 Update.

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