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For Grantseekers

Thank you for considering Cone Health Foundation as a partner in your work. In response to our 2016 strategic plan, a limited number of partners have been funded.  Use the links to the left to learn more about what Cone Health Foundation funds and general resources for grantseekers.

We are a proactive grantmaking organization and work to achieve meaningful and measurable impact. 

To accomplish this, we are funding a portfolio of work structured around our four funding priority areas (access to health care, adolescent pregnancy prevention, HIV, substance use and mental health disorders).  Read more about our strategic focus here.  

Cone Health Foundation funds agencies that fit within our funding strategy.  We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Please contact the program officer responsible for the priority area you are interested in if you need additional information.

Sandra Welch Boren
Vice President, Senior Program Officer
(Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention / HIV)

Antonia Monk Reaves
Vice President, Senior Program Officer
(Access to Care/Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders)

Our Video Annual Report

Cone Health Foundation Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report captures our collective achievement. It’s more than just a catalog of events; it’s an exploration of the phenomenal work—both high-profile and subtle—that made our 20th year of service.